CV Jannicke "JiL" Larsson

In my paintings, I hope you feel my joy in creating.
I paint acrylic paint on canvas, usually abstract motifs, and sometimes I mix other materials. There is rarely any definite thought before I begin painting, but the subject is growing and tells me what it will be like. I was born in Malmö in 1963, grew up in Svalöv, took the road of Sala and has now lived in Borstahusen for several years. For a few years I have participated in Vens konstrunda. I have also exhibited at Galleries around Skåne and in my own Gallery JiL, at Kopparstigen 1, in Borstahusen. There I also have my favorite place, where I enjoy all the best; my studio =)

Education & Inspiration

In my upper secondary education, I chose aesthetic orientation where I tried different techniques and expressions with the help of teacher, cartoonist, illustrator and visual artist Gunnar Thunberg. I have done a group of paintings during some fun years with many laughs, for the artists brothers Kjell and Ingvar Karlsson, Landskrona. As a teacher, I have worked extensively with children and their image creation. At Öland Folk High School, I have trained to paint nature and landscape. Some other courses in image and form have been over the years and I have also arranged courses in painting for beginners on a number of occasions. I have painted a year in Roy Evertsen's target group, Landskrona.



Galleri Tegelbruket, Rydebäck, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 

Gallery Stattin, Eljaröd, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Selmahuset, Landskrona, 2014 

Gallery Hamnen, Viken, 2014, 2016 

Gallery IsieTio, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

GalleriM, Trelleborg, 2013

Landskrona Museum, 2013

Landskrona Art Hall, Roy Evertsen Student Exhibition, 2013

Romelegården Art Hall, 2012

Vens Kulturhus, 2012

Vens konstrunda, 2010-2012

Gallery Cinnamoni, Helsingborg, 2012

Salon des Refusés, Djurgården, Stockholm 2011 

Galleri Andersson, Råå, 2007

Landskrona Art Hall, 2006, 2017


Personal exhibitions

Gallery JiL, Landskrona 2010-2018

The library, Landskrona, 2013

Jury-rated exhibitions
Vår salong HD May 11, 2014 

Skåne Art Association's autumn salon 2011 

Artista Donna, Helsingborg, 2005 & 2006

Vår salong, HD May 2018

Representing SEbanken, Landskrona

Member of FKG, Borstahusen and Helsingborg Art Association, the AXenter

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+ Art associations have 10% discount

mail to: GalleriJiL@Sund-Art.se